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compiled and presented by LI DING

A classic! Long known to be the most straightforward discussion of the meridian structure for martial artists. By merely following this simple set of Qigong exercises, reading the accompanying discussion, and studying the meridian names, one can soon come to understand much of what is spoken of in the martial arts classic translations.

After becoming comfortable with these exercises, the martial artist will find that certain exercises which are part of his own martial system have a similar effect to particular exercises presented in the book. Much of what is written in the classics contains references to the effects upon the body of the various postures, exercises and form movements (see the Chinese Classic Translation Series on the Ba Gua Zhang products page or the Xing Yi Classic volumes on the Xing Yi Products page).

Li Ding's "Meridian Qigong" can help one come to understand the more difficult parts of martial arts theory, the connection between the movements and their impact on the health of the body. It is not uncommon for an internal martial arts teacher to say something such as the following: "Remember! If you are not strong throughout your body, really strong, not just strong&endash;looking on the outside, then you will never have real fighting ability, and you will have missed what the arts have to offer, a long and healthy life until the day you die."


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