Main Ingredient: Angelica (dang Gui), Angelica (bai Zhi),
Ligusticum, Polygonatum (shou wu)

Polygonatum (shou wu)root has the function of invigorating
the liver and kidney, replenishing vital essence and blood,
nourishing the hair.

Angelica (dang gui)able to enrich blood, activate blood circulation.
Angelica (bai zhi) is to promote the circulation on head area and
it is efficacious for such carbuncle, cellulitis, and other skin
diseases due to pathogenic wind-dampness wich may cause to
lose hair.

Chinese herbalit believe that the hair is health signal of
the body's blood system and the kidney system and lossing
hair is caused by deficiency of blood or the weak kidney
and is a result of the wind-evil attacked.

So Meibo Shampoo able to nourishes and enhances direct absorption
of hair, improves hair structure and manageability, it effectively
prevents the formation of grey hair or loss hair or skin diseases.

Direction of use: Wet the hair and evenly distribute the shampoo
through the hair, working in lather. Rinse out thoroughly.

Net weight: 400ml